Mike Tyson is back with more power and un-stoppable force than ever!

The champ, Mike Tyson is back!

In a high powered video released to his Instagram account, “Iron” Mike proved that he still has the power and the iron fists to make a boxing comeback !

Yes you read correct .. Tyson has been hinting towards a career return to Heavyweight Boxing since mid April this year!

If you thought he was too old, you may be right .. chronologically speaking! The former Heavyweight champion of the world, is 53-years old this year, and his last professional bout was more than 15 years ago!

However, as shown in the video below, Tyson has been training harder than ever and stepping up his gains week on week. Looking as terrifying as he ever did in his youth during his sparring sessions, it’s clear to see that the one thing the former Champ is certainly not missing is POWER. Combine that with his obvious FORM and you can tell that despite the age, Tyson is a formidable foe for the current boxing elite!

Don’t believe us? Check out the ferociousness in the video below;

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