World’s Most Expensive Bike – The $1 Million Jack Armstrong CosmicStar Cruiser


If you’ve never heard of him before, and strangely for someone so accomplished, very few people have, his name is Jack Armstrong.

No, he’s not related to Lance, but yes, he is related to Neil .. who walked on the moon.

Andy Warhol, who single-handedly created the  `Pop Art’ movement in the 1960’s, called him the `Last Wizard’, and his paintings and painted creations sell from $650,000 to $6 Million a piece !

Alice Walton, Paul McCartney and Michel Polnareff are three owners of Armstrong art and the list is growing. His works are some of the fastest appreciating artworks available.

Jack Armstrong is in fact, the number one Cosmic Artist in the world, and Master of Cosmic Extensionalism.

His major Wizardry is the ability to raise a substantial price tag from pretty much anything he places his trademark yellow and red paint on !

His collection includes a Harley Davidson bike called the “Cosmic Starship Harley Davidson” which sold for $3 Million and a Thunderbird that was the mascot and center piece for a ballet called the “Cosmic Firebird Ballet”.

In these pics, is a bike that Jack painted over a period of 6 months in Palm Springs, California with Venice beach artist K-Fish (Kelsey Fisher).

On December 8, 2012, Jack debuted the worlds most expensive bike – the “Cosmic SuperCruiser ARTBike”, which is valued at $1 Million Dollars.








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  3. Can I just say what a relief to uncover an artist that truly understands the nature of their art!? More people really need to check this out and understand Jack’s story. I was surprised Jack isn’t more popular because he certainly possess the gift.

  4. I appreciate the good work you are doing! I’ve really enjoyed reading about Jack’s art!

  5. Jack is a cosmic genius. His work will become the most highly valued & sought after art ever! Is there a film about Armstrong in the works? We are waiting! Jim Dean

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