Submission: Trace Stibbard



First Name: Trace
Last Name: Stibbard

Date of Birth:
6th October

Place of Birth:

Current Address:

High Heels, Beach, Massages, hot cars, winter Nights, romantic dinners

Rude people, melted chocolate, cruelty

Greatest Ambition:
To be the best I can be at what I want to achieve in life with the goals that I set myself..Keep motivation!

What is important to you about modeling?
I think its important for me to be recognised for my modelling, I try really hard to keep things real, and professional, so being recognised is a great feeling.

Complete this sentence: “Life is like (Don’t say “Box of Chocolates”, be original)
Life is like a camera, just focus on whats important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don’t turn out take another shot!!

If we could give you anything at all … your greatest wish … what would that be?
a cover! but of course. This is every models dream.

What would be the ideal theme to photograph you in?
I’m so versatile, I ride horses, so a lot of photographers want to do the cowboy theme, I’m fussy with that because like anything there is more to it then sitting on a bale of hay! any theme I would be suited to I think, as long as its done right..

Where did you hear about us ? 
facebook! I love following you guys on there.

If you would like to see more of Trace, pls comment below ;

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