Stock Cars Australia Launch at Wakefield Park



“ Wow !”

“What do I say ? They are awesome cars to race !”, said Brian Walden.

Steve & Michael Coulter had their OZ truck utes there with Graham Booths & Brian Walden in his Chevy.

The race on Saturday, to launch the SCA Series, saw Graham Booth with problems & miss the start by half a lap. Steve Coulter led into the first corner, followed closely by Michael Coulter & then Brian Walden.

On the second lap, with Steve still in lead, Walden took evasive action at turn 5 to miss the ute of Michael & spin to the infield. While he did get going again, he couldn’t take up the action with the utes again. Michael overtook his father to win the five lap screamer.

Sunday saw the Stock Cars race with the Sports Sedans & qualifying saw Michael Coulter emerge the quickest of the Stock Cars with his father Steve second, Walden third & Booth fourth.

The first race was a six lapper which saw Michael leading the stock Car brigade & Steve in second, Walden Third & Booth fourth. By turn nine on lap one, Walden made a big lunge on Steve to move into second. The results saw Michael winning, Walden second, Steve third & Booth fourth. Booth had the wrong diff ratio in the car & that caused him to suffer all day as he couldn’t keep the car on the cam.

Race two was an eight lap race that saw Michael get a great start with Walden following closely & Steve keeping the pressure on Brian & Booth watching the dice & hoping for some of the action . On completion of lap two Walden disintegrated his clutch on the main straight that put him out for the rest of the meeting. Michael continued in first position to take out his second win for the day with Steve second & Booth third.

Race three was the ten lap trophy race & once again the order was Michael leading from start to finish Good old dad maintain second for the entire race & Graham Booth third. Every time the Stock Cars where on the track the pit wall was at maximum capacity with people wanting to get up close & watch the cars perform on the track.

March the 2nd 3rd will see the Stock Cars return to Wakefield Park with more cars as the start of the SCA series kicks off.


For further information contact Brian Walden 0400 157 650

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