Tim Tszyu Defeats Bowyn Morgan in First Round KnockOut!

Tim Tszyu defeats Bowyn Morgan first round KO super welterweight

It was a night of incredible fights, that started with the `Fight of the Decade’ between first undercard of Foley vs Telford!

The mood was set right away but no one expected to see Tim Tszyu dispose of Kiwi Bowyn Morgan so efficiently and so ferociously in the first round at the BankWest Stadium‘s “Sydney SuperFight” promoted by No Limit Boxing!

Tszyu defended his IBF Australasian and WBO Global super welterweight titles against Morgan and within two minutes he was able to brake through the defenses of the New Zealander to clinch the fight and move closer to a World Title opportunity!

Morgan is no slouch and holds a record of just one loss during his 22 fight professional career, however Tszyu was very methodical and was never in any trouble! In fact, The 26-year-old Aussie was in control of every moment of the fight and was a clear class above. This was demonstrated in the three-punch combination that led to the first knockdown.

To his credit, Morgan managed to get to his feet quite comfortably during the count and looked like he’d recovered. However, Tszyu could sense the defeat was close and went in to finish him off, with a light jab before landing a power right which sent Morgan back to the canvas and almost out of the ring.

Tszyu is now primed for the world title, mainly because his style of knockout excites the international boxing promoters, but also because his timing is well placed. This fight with Morgan was an eliminator for the WBO super welterweight belt. In the lead up to the fight, the WBO had announced that if current champion Patrick Teixeira can’t get in the ring with Brian Castano by January 6, Tszyu could fight Castano for the belt in early 2021.

Due to COVID, Teixeria is held up in his homeland Brazil with lockdown restrictions holding him in the country. If he cannot fight by early January, he will be relegated to No.1 contender and would be in line to fight the winner of Tszyu v Castano.

Tszyu is a smart boxer but besides the politics and WBO policies, he knows he’s a champion.

“Now you know what’s next; the world title here in Sydney. In Australia,” Tszyu said after the fight.

“Let’s do it 10 times the size of this. Australia deserves this. This is a fight for history. This is for everyone.”

During the post fight interview, Tszyu was asked whether he’d fight Michael Zerafa, to which of course he rightly acknowledged that his focus is on the world title and that he has no reason to fight Zerafa. During his return to the dressing rooms however, Zerafa approached Tszyu and questioned him once again.

Zerafa, emerged as one of the biggest stars in Aussie boxing during his two-fight rivalry with Jeff Horn, however he managed to aggravate Tszyu as they exchanged words surrounded by fans and security.

Tszyu’s response was one of focus;

“Mate, I’ve got a world title to win,” he said before beginning to walk away

Zerafa continued to poke as Tszyu walked on telling him he would even come down to welterweight to make the fight happen.

“Step up, I’m here!” he yelled before Tszyu was long gone.

The timing isn’t right at the moment for Tszyu to step up to a heavier weight class. As Tszyu rightly said, his focus should remain on a world title and he doesn’t need to fight Zerafa at this point in time to make that happen. If the Zerafa match is a big enough draw card, it will happen at a later time and it will be the stadium match that Zerafa so craves.





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