Zerafa Cancels Fight due to `Covid Risk’.

After 3 yrs of stalker-like behaviour until he finally got his chance to get into the ring with Tszyu, Melbourne fighter Michael Zerafa calls off one of the biggest fights in the country because of a `COVID risk’ that doesn’t even exist.

The health authorities of Victoria and NSW both granted permission to continue, the venue (aptly named TszyuCastle) adjusted it’s attendance numbers down to 50% in accordance with Covid compliance, and Newcastle has no community transmitted cases at the moment. The promoters at No Limit Boxing actually went further to try to save the event, and offered Zerafa a weigh-in whilst still in Melbourne and then transport to Newcastle via a private jet and then safe passage back after the fight.

It was never anyone’s expectation that Zerafa would win, and since Tszyu had already defeated the winner of the Zerafa-Horn fight in 2019, and therefore now had a global focus, there was no career reason to fight Zerafa. But to see a `Fighter’ cancel for the weakest of reasons – when most fight worse Covid circumstances to preserve the Event – is at best disappointing. At worst, the biggest mistake of his career.


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