Anthony Mundine vs Michael Zerafa: Mundine KnockedOut in the First Round!

Underwhelming! That’s the word that comes to mind to describe the farce that has become the Mundine media machine over the last five years.

This was the `fight’ that was billed by only one man as the greatest come back of all time, but in a few minutes into the first round, Michael Zerafa proved the predictions of those more sensible to be correct; Anthony Mundine was down twice in the first round with the second time being declared a Knock Out in favor of Zerafa.

Mundine has confirmed once more that he is hanging up the boxing gloves for ever and admitted that he no longer has the heart to continue! And well he should! All can see that he is nowhere near the fitness nor the class required to fight and defeat champions of Zerafa’s quality. In fact we all saw this with the fight against Jeff Horn in 2018!

Mundine is Done! He is way past his expiry date and if he continues on, it’s clear he’s only doing so for the losers purse, and that is no legacy for any boxer to leave behind.

For Zerafa though, this is exactly the win he needed to further his career and push him to the next level. To be more blunt, this is the perfect victory that he needed in order to push for his goal of a mega all-Australian title fight against champion Tim Tszyu.

Tim Tszyu is hearing the calls being laid out by Zerafa, and Zerafa is doing the right thing by pushing for that fight. Tszyu ignores him though because he has bigger fish to fry and his own goals and dreams to achieve for his career. Tszyu is aiming at a global title fight and has ambitions to represent Australia around the world. It is not in his best interests to fight Zerafa or any Australian boxer at this stage.

Back to the title fight, and we all hope this is most definitely the last time we see Mundine in the ring. His presence at the last three fights have been an embarrassment for the sport where he hardly laid a glove on Horn in 2018, likewise for John Wayne Parr last year, and likewise with Michael Zerafa tonight! It’s way past the time to call it quits Mundine!

Here’s all the action in full!

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