The Innovative Pillarless Design of the Koenigsegg Gemera;

Those that drive coupe’s, convertibles and other two door car types, will know the inconvenience of B Pillars, tipping seats or sliding seats forward towards the dash in order to properly access the rear seats and passenger spaces.

Koenigsegg has you in mind and has a solution!

Enter the innovative new Koenigsegg Gemera which features a glamourous, pillarless side profile, and an open plan entry on both sides that eliminates the need for such manual and menial activities!

In a tweet this morning, the Swedish luxury performance car maker explained that the secret was in the design of the `dihedral synchro-helix doors’. These open in such a way that allows access beyond traditional sideways and upward lifting doors.

The Gemera is described as the world’s first Mega GT which boasts a full 4 seater cabin with all the performance statistics you’d expect from Koenigsegg.

More information can be found here – The Gemera – Koenigsegg


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