As the Furious and extremely Fast war rages between the top Hyper Car and Super Car makers, Koenigsegg has announced on their website that they remain completely un-phased by the Holy Trinity (ie the LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918) !

“Does it trouble Koenigsegg that we’re not included in tests like these?” A Koenigsegg spokesperson asked. “That we’re not included in the #HolyTrinity that publications are writing about so much?

“Not really. Well, not until such a time as it troubles any of our customers.”

There’s no question that Koenigsegg can hold their own. In fact in 2011, an Agera R set a 0-300kph (186mph) time of 14.53 seconds rather comfortably! This time out paced the official times of the LaFerrari (15 secs), P1 (16.5 secs) and 918 (19.9 secs).

It’s also on record that Koenigsegg’s super-hyper-car, the ONE:1, set a time of 11.922 seconds for 0-300kph.


Koenigsegg was gracious to acknowledge that “all three are beautifully executed cars that carry a lot of technology in them,” and paid respect that the “#HolyTrinity is made up of exceptionally good performance cars that any fair minded person would be happy to own.

“Acceleration is only one aspect of performance car ownership. We just wanted to demonstrate to our customers and fans that our vehicles lose no ground when compared against this lofty competition.”

Koenigsegg are careful in paying tribute to design and performance of other supercars, but are also elegantly assertive in their own dominance of their market.

“We know that everyone is waiting for us to tackle the Nürburgring,” Koenigsegg said, “which we definitely want to do when restrictions are finally lifted in 2016.”

See more at Koenigsegg’s official website; http://koenigsegg.com/

And in Australia at; http://www.koenigseggaustralia.com.au/


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