The Pursuit of a Ferrari Dream

This video has been around for a while now but remains a favourite amongst car enthusiasts and car restorers everywhere.

It is the story of Peter Giacobbi and his dream to recreate the car of his childhood racing heroes, and the thrill of his dream car; the amazing 1959 TR59 Ferrari 250 Testarossa !

Having sourced a genuine Aluminium body in a garage for 50 yrs, Peter set about the arduous task of finding the Ferrari parts as close to the original as possible. Of course genuine Testarossa parts would be impossible to source given their rarity, so Peter’s goal was to aim as close as possible in terms of specification but of course appearance.

” It’s impossible to get original parts”, he says, “because there were only 5 of them and they’re worth $35Million each and no body wants to sell a transmission or a carburettor!”.

Peter therefore did the best he could to recreate the look of the original car using what ever Ferrari parts he could find.

Peter was the director of engineering for John DeLorean’s now defunct car company, and he’s also won multiple SCCA season titles racing old Alfa Romeos. As the great enthusiast that he is, he’s owned a number of great cars, including Ferrari 250 GTs, and now the TR59 replica.

Enjoy the video in which he goes through the journey to create his Dream Ferrari.

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