Ty Telford and Darragh Foley – The Fight of the Decade!

Former Australian cruiserweight champion Ted Cofie called it the `Fight of the Decade’! And indeed Ty Telford and Darragh Foley were spectacular!

What started out normal enough as the first undercard bout of the “Sydney SuperFight” promoted by No Limit Boxing, shaped into an incredible display of everything that Boxing should be! This includes the sportsmanship at the end of the bout where both boxers were able to put aside any animosity felt in the heat of the ring to appear almost friends.

But of course it was what happened inside the ring during the 10 * 3 minute rounds that have the Boxing world talking.

The super lightweight category fight turned into one of the most dramatic ring-wars seen in Aussie boxing as both fighters repeatedly pounded by power punches and blows only to make a come back from the brink that appeared impossible.

The first two rounds seemed to go to Telford who was the junior of the two fighters but seemingly more keen. His corner could be heard coaching him to stay back and not `bring the fight’.

“Preserve the energy”, his trainer was heard saying. “Can you do that?”

Although he nodded, Telford seemed to forget the instruction when the round started as he appeared to enthusiastically be chasing a knock out.

Foley on the other hand was not about to give that to him and played a smart game of adjusting his early round errors to get into the fight from around Four.

Foley was knocked through the ropes in the eighth round and had to be physically supported by one of the judges to get back in. He was saved by the bell though and wobbled back to his corner, where he earned the energy required to come out banging and unloading in the ninth round !

The ninth and tenth rounds were filled with the two fighters continuing to land perfect massive blows non-stop right to the final bell. An incredible show of courage and talent that left the boxing world stunned.

Main Event commentator Ben Damon said he was in awe of the what he’d just seen in the ring and commented appropriately ;

“That is something else between these warriors,” Damon said. “We’ve just seen something from another planet between these two. Foley, who looked gone at times, he went through the ropes. Telford, he was finished … we’ve seen something else.

“Oh goodness, what a fight we’ve just seen.

“There does not deserve to be a loser. An incredible fight.

Although a tie would have been very appropriate, in a very close decision, Foley was awarded the win via a split decision.

The judges cards show how tough the decision was with numbers reported as ; 95-94, 93-96 and 97-93 giving Foley a total score of 285 against Telford’s 283.

Main Event announcer Paul Kent called it a “magnificent fight” while Aussie boxing legend Jeff Fenech was equally impressed.

“Fight of the year, fight of the decade, I don’t know. This is an amazing fight,” Fenech said. “What a great fight.”

Aussie boxing legend Billy Dib wrote on Twitter: “Telford & Foley have eaten more shots in this fight than I’ve taken in my whole career.”

However, the final word was left to the host BankWest Stadium who Tweeted;


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