Australia’s V8Supercars drop the `Circuit of the Americas’ round in Austin for 2014.


It has been reported that V8 Supercar’s new boss James Warburton, has decided to cancel the 2014 race planned for Circuit of the Americas!

Although considered by many that the 2013 race there was a `very successful first trip’, Warburton and presumably the rest of the board, have determined the trip to be too expensive and with little return on investment.

He did however say that he would make a trip back to Austin if there were more races there to make it a more worthwhile trip.

A fair comment from a business perspective, as more races means more revenue, how ever it is also considered that last year’s format may have been the cause of low interest.  There were four identical 100k races, of which Jamie Whincup held the lead for and then won three so by race four, spectator interest dropped off .

The V8 Supercars official schedule is due on Monday the 23rd September and is of course expected to be the confirmation.


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