Angela DeMontigny launches new ‘Young Native’ Fashion line with Ayi Jihu

‘Young Native’ (@YoungNativStyle) a new fashion line from Designer Angela DeMontigny.
Maverick Native Designer and stylist Angela DeMontigny today launched her new Fashion line ‘Young Native‘ to the world in some style. We have been expecting a new young and fresh line from Angela (@womanofdesign) for some time now, but what we did not expect was the collaboration with Chinese Star Ayi Jihu.
“Live Free, Love Free” That is the motto of the ‘Young Native‘ brand designed by top Native Designer, Angela DeMontigny. This new line which has a refined ‘street’ vibe to it, is for the young, free spirited and confident 18 – 35 year old woman who wants to be sexy, classy and real but also connected with the natural and cultural elements of life. Working with Ayi Jihu to create that vibe was a shrewd move by Angela DeMontigny. Ayi Jihu is an artist, philanthropist and celebrity known for being independent and real. She is also a Native born Chinese girl, from the Yi Minority in Sichuan Province of China. She is about as native as you are gonna get coming from China and she represents a new breed of international women hungry for their place in the new world.
Angela DeMontigny worked closely with Chinese Star Ayi Jihu when creating the collection. After developing the costume for Ayi Jihu’s Fear Chaser character that is being crafted into a movie, comic book and animation, Angela and Ayi became not only close friends but colleagues. Ayi Jihu is now hard at work on her new Album set for release in 2013 as well as getting ready for her first proper Film Role in British Romantic Drama As Blue As The Sky which is set to start filming in October with a strong British cast. Angela DeMontigny is styling Ayi for her part in the film and the two have been working very hard to get everything finalized.
Working on the Young Native Fashion Line with Angela was the most fun. She really does it all and I just kinda give my opinion on what I like and what I think will go down. The whole style of the range and what it stands for suits me perfectly. I love the Tee Shirts they are so cool and each one of them stands for something. They are cultural, natural, colourful and well made, but they are also cool, street and fashionable, not as easy as you would think to achieve. When I am wearing Young Native clothes I just get so many compliments from women, which is different from just getting men looking. Just walking down the street you get people coming up to you asking, where did you get that, It’s great! Most of all it’s about how things make you feel and I feel real, sexy and even more confident when I wear the right things and Young Native gives me those feelings.
I’m really proud of what we have come up with here and I know it will go down with women all over the world. I am overjoyed to be the Ambassador for the product and feel I played a little part in how this new line is being presented. Angela is a fantastic, original designer, she is the first of her kind to really break out into high fashion. She and I are both going where no one has quite gone before and we have a kind of sister relationship. She has designed the new Fear Chaser costume (which is fantastic) and she is also designing and styling me for my live shows, videos as well as the film I am going to be working in this year. So we are just having a good time, working hard and doing good business too. I know she works closely with My management, Record and Production company Shlepp Entertainment and they had a lot to do with helping her develop the marketing and images and direction for Young Native. They are also helping her establish the brand in China so it’s very much a team effort all of this. I know everyone will love it as much as I do.
It was a natural progression for Angela, after becoming Ayi Jihu’s personal stylist and designer to craft a collection she has been planning for several years and use Ayi Jihu as a muse for her designs.
The result is the beautifull and vibrant Young Native Collection. The Young Native Collection is set to grow over the next several months with more styles and accessories being added. Ayi Jihu is proud and happy to represent this new vibrant fashion brand and hopes that it will catch on around the world and especially in China.
Head of Shlepp Entertainment Stevie Eagle E
We are constantly on the look out for strategic business alliances for our business. We are always looking for ways to expand Ayi Jihu’s presence around the world. She is not just about singing there is much more to her than that. Young Native is a fantastic brand with great growth potential and it works perfectly with Ayi Jihu. We see nothing but good things here. Angela DeMontigny is the first of her kind really, a native designer about to breakthrough into mainstream fashion. Together they form a Dream Team with us firmly behind them, making sure that the brand and the individuals get out to the world.
Ayi Jihu continues to work hard independently with Shlepp Entertainment building her brand around the world. Despite the odds she continues to grow. Her new single and album are scheduled for release in 2013 and we shall be bringing you any news first here on Global News.
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