Chinese star Ayi Jihu also known as the Fear Chaser seemed to show ‘no fear’ as she was surrounded by the Dream Idols at their Aura Mayfair launch. Ayi Jihu has been a supporter of the Dream Idols for a while and is friends with all the lads.

Ayi who was dressed in a stylish Young Native black suede outfit looked stunning. Ayi told Global News Ink that she had never heard of a Dream Idols type act in China and that she could see the Dream Idols going down well over there because the boys are like pop stars more than glamour models and their show is just a lot of fun.

Ayi Jihu also met with Dream Idols founder Bari Bacco

Ayi Jihu who has been very vocal in her support for the Dream Idols seems to have drawn a large number of Chinese fans to the show

Ayi Jihu believes the Dream Idols could do well in China because of their personalities and style

Gloabl News will be bringing you all the pictures and videos from the Dream Idols Aura Mayfair Launch soon.

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