Of all the GT Falcons that were born in the Ford factory, the Phase III GTHO is the most revered around the word. And the price at each auction house where such a vehicle appears, proves that by touching and on some occasions exceeding the $AUD1Mil mark!

In this video by Youtube channel Glenn Everitt – Master of Machines, we see an exquisite ’73 XA Falcon Coupe with an exceptional factory fitted Phase IV motor. We know of course that what Ford did when the Super Car Scare hit all the Australian Car Manufacturers engaged at the time in Muscle Car Wars, was to move as many Phase IV performance parts as possible to buyers who requested the RPO83 option! This one is especially rare though as it has a fully spec’d Phase IV motor fitted which is beyond the RPO83 option.

Below is the excerpt from the Youtube video;

This 1973 Ford Falcon XA GT Coupe is one super rare 1 of 1 Australian Muscle Car, factory fitted with a real Phase 4 engine that was destined for the ill-fated GTHO Phase 4 production cars that were designed for race homologation before the early 1970s Supercar scare bought it all to a tragic end here in Australia. Ford, General Motors Holden and Chrysler were at war for race track supremacy with Bathurst victory in their sights and each manufacturer was desperate to win this battle at all costs, even if it meant 160mph muscle cars to be sold to the general public in order to qualify for homologation requirements under the regulations.

Enjoy the Video;

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