Tim Tszyu beats Terrell Gausha in US boxing debut at Armory Stadium!

Aussie Boxing Champ Tim Tszyu has faced his first real adversity at the hands of USA great Terrell Gausha! With a first round knock-down that followed a powerful right cross from Gausha, Tszyu looked stunned and hurt. However he did recover to go the distance and deliver a demonstration to Gausha as to his stalking and power that he’s reputed for.

The Sydney boxer’s hard-earned, all-or-nothing victory leaves Tszyu on track for a world-title shot at the winner of the May 14 unified rematch between American Jermell Charlo and Argentina’s Brian Castano.

“I’ll be watching and I’m coming for the two boys. Whoever wants it, come get it,” a jubilant Tszyu said.

Whilst Tszyu walked away victorious and preserves his un-defeated record bringing home a 21-0-15 record, he also knows that the power right from Gausha in the first round has a lot to teach him.

“It’s simple, a flash knockdown. Right on right. Got me on perfect timing,” Tszyu said.

“Look, it was good that I faced adversity for the first time and I was able to come back.

“I dug deep. All respect to my opponent, Terrell Gausha. He’s one hell of a warrior and he’s just a true gentleman.”

Tszyu struggled to penetrate Gausha’s renowned defence for the entire fight, but he did hurt him with a series of body blows in the fourth round that seemed to literally deflate Gausha.

In response, Gausha tried to hang on desperately by literally holding Tszyu’s hands and sometimes head in body clinches. The referee warned Gauhsa for holding in the sixth round before he recovered to win the seventh after landing two more lethal rights to Tszyu’s head.

In the end though, the three judges scored Tszyu’s overall domination to score the fight 114-113, 116-111, 115-112 in his favour.

“I was just enjoying myself. I felt in control the whole time,” Tszyu said.

“I kept the pressure on. I wasn’t going to back down. I kept landing shots.

“I thought ‘f*** it, I’m going to keep coming forward and keep fighting.

“I didn’t take one step backwards.”

Tszyu brings home the Super WelterWeight title as he awaits the proper World Title pending the winner of the Charlo Castano bout!

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