Sunday Footy Show makes correlation between spike in heath issues amongst sports stars and covid jabs!

An interesting discussion was had on Nine’s Sunday Footy Show in reference to Ollie Wines and his recent health problems. In fact the reference went much wider to reference athletes around the world.

The hosts of the show suggested the Port Adelaide midfielder withdrawal from Thursday night’s match against Melbourne due to a “heart issue” that may be linked to Covid-19 vaccination.

The 27-year-old reigning Brownlow Medalist was subbed out of the game at half time after experiencing nausea according and dizziness according to the show, after playing for just 27 minutes during the game against Melbourne that became an embarrassing loss.

Wines was later reported to have been in hospital with a “heart irregularity – the cause of which is undetermined and will be investigated over the coming days”.

The Port Adelaide club then said that Wines was discharged because the heart irregularity later “resolved itself” and that he would remain under observation over the coming days.

The panel included Sunday Footy Show journalist Damian Barrett, host Tony Jones and former AFL star panellists, including the Bulldogs’ Nathan Brown and Essendon’s Matthew Lloyd.

Although I’m sure the panel will come under huge attack from producers if not jab supporters, however the fact that this taboo subject is being discussed on Live TV is an extremely good thing!

After all, how many Elephants can you fit in a room these days!

There is a string correlation between heart problems in particular but much more around the world with Football stars, Basketball Stars, Swimmers and Tennis Players all collapsing on field or being taken off field. These are athletes at the extreme height of human health and they’re suddenly suffering heart attacks and many other ailments that cannot be otherwise explained.

Although I’m sure that the Footy Show will probably make an apology, or that they will come under pressure to retract what was said, they are speaking truthfully with their own observations and they have a right of course to question where this sudden health problem is coming from!

Watch the video below and see for yourself.

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