Dr Robert Malone makes some compelling points about the World Economic Forum and the Vaccine Program!

He’s been the Go-To source on all things truthful about virology since the beginning of the Pandemic! He was actually the inventor of mRNA technology and although the Mainstream Media tried to discredit that statement and his expertise, the truth remains that he holds many patents in mRNA so he gets the last laugh!

In this video, Dr Robert Malone discusses his view of the World Economic Forum, and in particular the role of global villain Klaus Schwab and the number of Government officials that he’s trained over the years via the Leaders Program!

And some of these things that we’ve known for the last few years, don’t sound so whacky when a globally renowned scientist says it does it 🙂

Especially when the data and facts support this.

“Why are governments all over the west, pushing these authoritarian measures that don’t make sense? Their logic is digital identification to control everything about you by controlling access to your own funds! It has nothing to do with your health!”

Doctor Malone MD is describing the new world agenda being pushed by the WEF: A global private partnership under the leadership of Klaus Schwab, where the governments of the world sign up to a new agreement to over-rule the country Democratic constitution. The end state is to put in place control ONLY so that they can maintain and increase their own financial position after the current system – that they created – disintegrates.

Listen for yourself and raise awareness in others also!

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