Sneak Peeks of Ferrari’s F150, the new ENZO.

Milan, Italy-19/12/2012: Ferrari has today un-veiled the first official images of the new Ferrari F150 which is billed as the successor to the Enzo.

The first official images of the highly anticipated successor – codename F150 – have been published in Ferrari’s media and magazine publications.

In the pictures, which are shaded teaser prelude to the public release of the car, the nose of the car is shown, with swept-back headlights and a sculpted bonnet.

The Enzo replacement is expected to have a 7.3-litre V12 engine, mated to an F1 style KERS electric motor to develop in excess of 590 kW of power. That’s significantly more than the legendary original Enzo which produced 478 kW.

Together with the significant weight savings from Ferrari’s carbon fibre chassis (showcased at the Paris MotorShow), is expected to deliver performance beyond Ferrari’s current standard lineup.

The Ferrari Enzo successor is is tipped to have exhilarating acceleration with a 0-100km/h time of less than 3 seconds. Standard inclusions include a double clutch gearbox and ceramic brakes as one would expect from any modern supercar .

The F150 codename has been controversial though as Ferrari have been embroiled in a legal dispute with Ford over what Ford alleges as misappropriating the Ford F-150 pickup name. This began when Ferrari wanted to call their F1 car the F150.

As a result, the Ferrari Enzo successor will drop the F150 name in-lieu of F70 badges. Ferrari will not elaborate further as to the relevance of the numbers, but we suspect they’re saving that for the launch.


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