Red Bull Racing Australia has Landed !!

Red Bull Racing Australia has Landed !

.. and this is their official teaser video, ahead of the launch of their 2013 season and vehicle showcase mid February!

This is a great video that shows why Red Bull are kings of content marketing, and also sets an extremely high launch bar for the rest to follow. New kid on the block, Nissan, gets a little bit of a swipe from Lowndes, but it’s all in good competition fun.

Below is the official PR from Red Bull Australia that accompanies the video ;

Red Bull and Triple Eight Race Engineering officially commenced their new V8 Supercars partnership on January 1, 2013 and are in preparations to unveil the all-new Red Bull Racing Australia VF Holden Commodore in coming weeks.

While we considered having Jamie and Craig jump out of a pod some 40,000m into the atmosphere to formally launch Red Bull Racing Australia (see what we did there?), our good friend Felix made it quite clear three was a crowd.

Instead, we opted to give V8 Supercars fans some real behind-the-scenes insight into what the Red Bull Racing Australia team is like away from the track.

It’s gonna be a hell of a V8Supercar season this year !






  1. Red Bull certainly have the budget don’t they !? Who would’ve thought that an energy drink could have created such an empire in the world. But I suppose it’s more than that .. from what I see, Red Bull are also very clever marketers.

    • Actually it’s more than that; this is content marketing and yes, Red Bull know how to do it better than anyone else. None of their ads say `go and buy a can of red bull’, yet they still have a multi million dollar business because people want to associate with the lifestyle that their content is based on.

  2. All marketing aside, I think it’s great that Red Bull have come to sponsor Lowndes’ Holden team at the V8 Supercars. They effectively rescued the team from a Vodafone failure.

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