Pic Of The Day: Courtney Piercy


Appearing in Edition 46 – The West Coast Swimsuit Edition

– Courtney Piercy –
Image of Beauty ! Autobabes.com.au Edition 46

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See more of Courtney in Edition 46 ..




The 2013 West Coast Swimsuit Calendar is available below ; 


Courtney Piercy


Country of Origin 

Career Highlight 
West Coast Calendar 2012 Covergirl and autobabes.com.au Edition 46 Covergirl

Career Goal
To be a professional
commercial model 

Favorite Car
H2 Hummer; because they’re big and luxurious.

Biggest Turn-On
I like the type of guy who has great big arms for cuddles, makes me laugh, is playful, thoughtful & is very sweet, down to earth. ________________

Summer, Bali, Jet Skiing ________________

Mondays, Traffic

Greatest Ambition 
 I’m passionate about living a happy, healthy and active lifestyle.!

Appears in
Edition 46, CoverGirl ________________


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