Pic of the Day; Sami Milan Fox Appears OnCover of Edition 78 – The Sexy Glamour Edition


Appearing in Edition 78 – The Sexy Glamour Edition

– Sami-Milan Fox –
Sami-Milan Fox! –
AutoBabes.com.au Edition 74

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Sami-Milan Cox


Country of Origin

Career Highlight
Various publications + autobabes.com.au. It would be great to be picked up by a swimsuit brand

If you were a Car
I would be a Porsche; they’re classy and fast.

Favourite Travel Location
New York City excited me, Thailand Humbled me, but the Great Barrier Reef connected me to Nature.

I like positive guys, sho can be supportive and can look after themselves also.

Love, Health & Wealth

Cold weather

Greatest Ambition
To be a successful actress, model and dancer, and to travel the world for work and pleasure.


Appears in
Edition 72, Feature model, Edition 74 CoverGirl

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