Pic of the Day; Jada Kai Features in Edition 103 – The Eastern Glamour Edition

Appearing in Edition 103 – The Eastern Glamour Edition

– Jada Kai –
Jada Kai ! Autobabes.com.au Edition 103

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Edition 103 - The Eastern Glamour Edition

Edition 103 – The Eastern Glamour Edition

Autobabes Edition 103 – March / April 2023Cover girl: Lesca Monica, Feature girls: Jada Kai and Kelly Lu, features include: NASCAR, F1 Grand Prix, autobabes AutoMart, Lamborghini Autentica, Lamborghini Invencible, Bertone GB110, Corvette Z06 GT3.R, Corvette ERay Convertible, Aston Martin DBS770…

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Jada Kai


Country of Origin 
Born in USA from Philippines decent

Career Highlights
Adult films and PlayboyPlus Model.

Favorite Quote
Never let people’s judgement stop you from doing what you want!

Favorite part of job
 I like being able to express myself however I want.

Bingeing TV shows

Judgmental people

My idea of a perfect first date is playing arcade games :)!

Appears in
Edition 103, FeatureGirl




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