Pic of the Day; Amelia Wilde Features in Edition 110 – The MAY Edition

Appearing in Edition 110 – The MAY Edition

– Amelia Wilde –
Amelia Wilde ! Autobabes.com.au Edition 110


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Edition 110 - The May Edition

Edition 110 – The May Edition

Autobabes Edition 110 – May / June 2024Cover girl: Dr Mercy Li, Feature girls: Alessandra Lexii and Amelia Wilde, features include: NASCAR, F1 Grand Prix, autobabes AutoMart, Mclaren Artura, Aston martin GT4, Pininfarina Enigma, Maserati GranCabrio, Porsche Taycan, Nissan GT Takumi, Maserati…

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Amelia Wilde


Country of Origin 

Career Highlights
I started in October ’23, so I haven’t gathered achievements yet. But this appearance in autobabes sounds good to me 🙂

Favorite Car
Bugatti Chiron in a striking shade of blue.

Biggest Turn-On
There is something undeniably sexy about someone who knows what they want and isn’t afraid to go after it.


Dancing, travel, and reading are the fuel that ignites my passions and colors my world with vibrancy.

rude people, mediocre food, and cold weather

Greatest Ambition 
As an influencer who loves to create and share content, my biggest ambition is to inspire and empower others.


Appears in
Feature Model,
Edition 110




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