Ending 2021 with a final look at the Viviana Soldano 2021 Calendar !

What a year it has been! And regardless of your stance on all the political fallout from around the world, one thing that’s been a source of stability and certainty, is the Viviana Soldano Calendar Collector Series!

Those 12 posters hanging on the wall have been a source of inspiration, distraction and reminder of beauty in the world!

What a great way to end 2021 then, with the December Month of the 2021 Calendar!

Although this series is sold out, unless you can find resold a copy on the internet which now sell for hundreds of dollars, the good news is that there is a brand new 2022 Calendar released and available right now for all fans of our gorgeous CoverGirl!

Don’t miss the 2022 Viviana Soldano Calendar!


See more of Viviana in Edition 62, Edition 66 , Edition 70 , Edition 73 , Edition 77 , Edition 79Edition 83 Edition 88, Edition 90 & Edition 95

Visit Viviana here;

Viviana Soldano | Vivianasoldano.com

and her charity here;


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