V8 SuperCars All Star ESeries!

The full suite of Virgin Australia Supercars Championship drivers have confirmed they will be racing in the upcoming Supercars All Stars Eseries.

Announced last week as part of Supercars’ plan to continue racing in some form over the next three months, the All Stars Eseries will begin on April 8 and run for around 10 weeks.

Drivers will compete remotely using the internationally renowned iRacing platform. They will use current Holden ZB Commodore and Ford Mustang Supercars available with liveries of their own choosing.

The competition will be broadcast on Fox Sports and live streamed on Kayo and a host of other digital and social platforms including Twitch. Supercars CEO Sean Seamer confirmed this week there has been interest from overseas broadcasters and free-to-air as well.

Drivers will compete for points in each race and a Champion will be crowned at the conclusion of the Series.

The Supercars All-Stars will run prior to the third instalment of the Supercars ESeries competition using sim-racing experts, which will begin later this year.

Click HERE for more details on the Supercars site.


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