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Top Gear Live roars at Burswood Dome in Perth !

The 1st of 4 “Top Gear Live” shows at the Burswood Dome (Perth) roared into gear on opening night on Wednesday 7th December, with all the fanfare associated with one of the highest rating car shows ever seen on this planet they call “earth” !

Loud music blared from speakers, coloured lights flashed, video displays highlighted the back wall and fire pots exploded heralding the entrance of one Jeremy Clarkson and his side kick James May ( affectionately known as Captain Slow ).

They arrived in metal transport not shaped in Italy or the precision of German craftsmen, but in the all new V8 versions that Ford and Holden had to offer. And didn’t the crowd love it !?

A notable absence from the line up was Richard Hammond, the small “hamster” like creature who we were told was taking time off to further bleach his teeth. But luckily, he was replaced by “Kenny”, or Shane Jacobson from the now defunct Aussie Top Gear Show which channel 9 saw fit to cancel half way through its recent season. And he did a good job at giving it an Aussie flavour.

The Show was what you would expect, that is to say if you expected fun and friendly banter, jokes, car appraisals and of course the lunacy inspired gags that only Top Gear can deliver.  There was a 3 a-side soccer game using cars, a precision stunt driving team, a woman that shot flames from her arms and of course the man in the white suit and helmet. The man they say can suck moisture from ducks, “the Stig” took on 4 baddies in a drift race around the arena using James Bond style deterrents such as flame throwing his victims and using a squirting liquid from behind his car to make his foe lose control and crash.

The TV show is iconic., its fun, its relaxed, its stupid, informative and we get to see cars we only dream about get thrashed on the track and ultimately “rubbished”. It’s the TV show in essence but live. You can’t take it seriously, but then again why would you ?

If it hasn’t hit your town yet and you’re a Top Gear fan, line up and get tickets, it’s a good laugh.



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