Top Gear Live Launches in Sydney !!

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Sydney 5th February, 2009 – Hosts of the world’s most famous motoring program, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond are in Australia and have officially kicked off their Sydney exclusive run of shows, Top Gear Live Top Gear Australia presenter Steve Pizzati joins Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond on stage as the  Sydney based 3rd presenter of Top Gear Live. The host of the hit SBS motoring show, returning to screens later in 2009, is thrilled to join the cast, and is looking forward to building up a rapport with his Uk counterparts.Steve Pizzati, previously an advanced driving instructor and race driver said: ” Top Gear Live is the world’s biggest motoring stage show and I’m blown away to be part of the spectacular ! “Steve’s role as 3rd presenter is pivotal to bring a local flavor to the show and will expect the cricket and rugby jokes to be thrown at him. 

” I’ll also be there to defend any cheap sporting attacks but will certainly be able to throw a bit back as well. “


Getting tickets to Top Gear Live stage show, Sydney Feb 5th to 8th has been harder than getting your hands on a Koenigsegg CCX with tickets for all shows racing out the door and extra tickets released for enthusiastic fans, but tickets are still on sale through Ticketek 

Described as ` Cirque du Soleil on Wheels ‘, the much anticipated Top Gear Live show is a winner with blokes and women, young and old, with sell out shows around the world and rave reviews from happy fans.

There’s something to satisfy every car enthusiast and Top Gear fan with 90 minutes if breath-taking stunts and driving sequences from some of the world’s best precision drivers – plus live versions of regular formats of the Top Gear programme, all brought to life with stunning stage effects and pyrotechnics

Tickets available for $69, $89, $120 and $249 include a seat and entry to the Prestige and Performance Gallery and Motor Showcase.


News Update: We are pleased to be working in conjunction with Brand Events and Dainty Consolidated Entertainment for portions of the Top Gear Live Show. 

The Koenigsegg CCX is the featured vehicle and one of the hot draw cards for the show. 

Most exciting though, is the production of the Hyundai Live Ad, which features at the beginning of each show (ie 10 times for the duration of the tour), and stars Carmen Maree

Carmen will be dressed in body hugging red suit, boots gloves and helmet to drive through a helicopter chase and a series of explosions before unveiling the new Hyundai I30W – Small Car of the Year under $28,000.


More of the Hyundai Girl Sequence Coming Soon ..  






Top Gear Live Hosts, From Left: `Hamster’ Richard Hammond, `Jezza’ Jeremy Clarkson and Australia’s counterpart, Steve Pizzati address the media.

” It was this big !! “

Bufori decorates the media entrance.


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