The “Ken Miles Flying Mustang” sells for $3.85 million at Mecum

There have been so many record sales of Mustangs over the years, that you have to wonder how many big dollar ‘stangs are still out there; and we know there are plenty! If you were to release all of Carroll Shelby’s personal collection for example, with the collective history and significance of those originals, there would be staggering world record offers on the floor.

One such example, is the famous GT-350R driven by Ken Miles to glorious victory from the day of it’s maiden outing!

Beating the record price for Steve McQueen’s Bullitt Mustang, the Shelby GT350R fetched a new record of $3.85 million at Mecum Indianapolis, to become the most valuable mustang in history!

Chassis no. 5R002 was the very first GT350 competition car that was entered into a sanctioned race in it’s production year 1965. Driven by the automotive race legend Ken Miles, who would later lead to glory with Carroll Shelby to bring Ford glory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the GT350 won it’s maiden race. Not only was this Mustang the first GT350R to be built by Carroll Shelby, but it was also the second  GT350 built by the hands of Shelby. By all accounts, the echo of those two names probably makes the final result sound like a bargain!

The GT350R of course was a highly modified car compared to the production line model. The massive 7 figure price tag is buying a drivable piece of history, that still looks great, and is fitted with original race equipment that was cutting edge for it’s day.

The R models were fitted with tuned suspension, modified 289 ci V8, upgraded cooling, and weight reduction, meaning that the interior was removed and fitted with a roll cage to meet safety specifications. If that isn’t enough, Chassis 5R002 GT350R also carries parts that Shelby didn’t put onto customer cars back then, but pioneered for his own races.

This is a true piece of history;

To see more photos, visit the Mecum site HERE


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