Shelby American 2019 Supersnake Widebody

The Shelby American Widebody SuperSnake is indeed a thing of beauty!

Like all Shelby American models, the balance of the car itself is well known, well documented and un-deniable. The power output and brute, yet refined torque also un0questionable!

And when it comes to the flowing aerodynamic lines, as magnificent as they are on the standard kit SuperSnake, the Widebody kit accentuates even further still!

As per the standard SuperSnake, the Widebody version begins life in exactly the same way – as a standard Mustang bound for Australia! One of 1500 model year allocation, with Right Hand Drive already in place from factory, and with all Stage1 compliance completed.

The car is mostly then stripped and the Shelby American Upgrade applied over the engine, the body, the wheels and under the car to produce an 800Hp beast before the widebody kit is added.

The 5.0Ltr Coyote motor is uplifted via a Whipple SuperCharger with it’s own intercooler to keep it cool under pressure, and the gearbox and diff also receive similar cooling options!

Suspension is reworked, axle and shaft replaced and widebody wheels applied !

We could give you all the details, but we’d rather watch the Mustang Motorsports video instead !

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