Rick rocks the Radiators

 – Brenda Joy Star!

Driving up the express way on Australia Day

A lovely sunny arvo, The Radiators on their way to Bateau Bay, Inside a very happy Tarago!

In the van was
myself, Fess (Legendary Guitarist), Brian (Legendary Rock Singer), Geoff
(Legendary Bass Player), and Geoff’s son Rick (Hot New Drummer),
Geoff’s wife Terry, and Rick’s girlfriend Danni.
The seven of us.

The Radiators usual
drummer Mark also plays in a country band called “The Yee Haa Boys”
and this year he spent the Australia Day weekend with them playing in
Tamworth, so Rick was having his drumming debut for The Radiators today,
and again on Sunday at Towradgi Beach Hotel in Woolongong. 

This was to be The
Radiators 29th Australia Day celebrated together.

What makes these two
shows very special, is that Geoff’s son Rick was going be drumming.
So this is the special story I’d like to share with you this
year.  Last year I wrote and
told you all about Australia’s Legendary Rock Band The Radiators, and
the fact that they are Australia’s Longest Running and Most Toured
Band, and the most “kick-arse” rock band you’ll experience in a
long while.  So this still
being the case, I need not express much more on that, and focus on this
other wonderful story that is woven in with all of the above.

In last years story
I wrote and told you of Geoff Turner’s youngest son Mitch, and his
experience with his dad’s band.  I
find it quite ironic to find this very next Australia Day Story to be
written about Geoff’s other son, his eldest, Rick Turner.

Rick Turner is a
name you are going to hear more about.
Not just because I am about to write tell you all about him, but
because he is a hot new drummer that’s going places and may even take
the world by storm. 

is the same age as The Radiator’s.

his mother’s tummy he would kick when the Rad’s song “Gimme
Head” was being played.

over heard Geoff backstage before a show one night telling the band The
Choir Boys about possibly his proudest moment.
It was when his first son Rick was being born, and as he was
delivered and Geoff held him for the first time, The Rad’s song
“Comin’ Home” was playing on the radio.
Pretty cool huh? 

is also a home video of Rick as a toddler banging a stick on the plastic
slippery dip in nappies singing “Up for gabs, up for gabs”.
This translates to The Radiators hit song out at that time which
was “Up for Grabs”. 

is a photo of Rick age maybe 7 or 8yrs old sitting behind The Rad’s
drum kit.  He can actually
recall this, remembering how his feet couldn’t yet reach the ground or
the pedals.  At this age he
had no idea he was ever going to play the drums.

is a musician first and foremost. He taught himself the piano.
Then he found himself spending more time in the Turner’s
downstairs music jam room slamming it out on his brother Mitch’s drum
kit.  Rick had lessons and
soon began to blossom.  Much
to the chagrin of his brother who had complained to his mum why Rick was
better at the drums than him and it was HIS kit!
His mother explained it in two words “Rick practices”.

3 years ago now, Rick shared with me his passion for his father’s band
“The Radiators” and how his dream come true would be to play drums
for them one day.  He spoke
of the years forever only allowed to watch The Radiators side stage or
hearing them backstage, as he was too young to be in the venues etc.
Then his JOY when he reached 18 and for the first time he could
legally drink and watch his dad’s band from the FRONT!
His next dream was to play in a band of his own and be a support
band for the Rad’s.  This
he eventually accomplished as well with his band called “Flying
Kedo”, and more recently with his current band “Bluestonered”.

was maturing and his drumming talent and skills were becoming greater
and greater.

as the Rad’s drummer now plays in his Country band The Yee Haa Boys,
it was agreed that when there was a conflicting gig date between the two
bands, then Rick would take the drummer’s seat!

Turner was about to have His Dream Come True and drum for The Radiators!

had shared this Dream of Rick’s for near 3 years now, and for me, it
was going to be such a thrill to watch this young man kick ass on those

shared the “sleeps countdown” with him till the text “NO MORE

call Rick “The Radlet”, as he was born of a Radiator.
In fact Geoff (bass player) has bred his own rhythm section.
The two of them (being father and son) have a wonderful
connection on the stage together.  In
fact, for Rick, it’s like playing drums behind his three fathers!
Fess and Brian are all like Rick’s dads to him also

and Geoff had rehearsed with Rick the weekend before the show.
The rehearsal itself, with Rick’s snappy unique drumming style,
gave Fess a thrill and new lease to release and unleash his Legendary
Rock Guitar Playing!

we all rocked up to Geoff’s ready to go to Bateau Bay Hotel on
Australia Day for Rick’s first Show with The Radiators, Rick showed NO
signs of nervousness, anxiousness, or even with slightest hint of worry
about his debut with The Radiators.
In fact he was quite the opposite.
He was confidant, oozed self-assuredness and looked like he was
almost itching with excitement to get behind those Radiator drums and
slam it out!

incredible site awaited us as we approached The Bateau Bay Hotel, a sea
of cars swarmed the car park and surrounding grounds and streets.
Oh boy, this was looking like it was going to be one hell of an
Australia Day Show today!

the rooms provided, Geoff broke a glass as soon as we got there.
He said “Oh great.  Our
first time at a new venue and I break a glass.
Next it will be spread around that The Radiators trashed the
joint”.  It was a joke.
Accidents do happen, and I think he may have been that little bit
as excited as his son perhaps, as they prepared to go on stage proudly

band always get to the gig an hour before the show to give them time to
tune up their instruments already set up waiting for them by the Road
Crew, and also to have a few drinks, relax, and rekindle that special
unity between them that is then taken out with them onto the stage.
Because for The Radiators, it’s not just a gig, a show, it’s
a very powerful PERFORMANCE!  

during this hour period, one by one, they take turns to tune their
instruments.  Rick was the
first one out today, and he was the first to take in the mass of fans
awaiting The Radiators!  He
so coolly walked up onto the stage to the drum kit, and began carefully
adjusting everything to his style of drumming.
He looked out from behind his dark sunglasses and absorbed the
huge crowd that was patiently waiting.
Oh boy!

the moment finally arrived.  The
boys all clad in their dark sunglasses made their way to the venue and
awaited a moment side stage.  This
was it.  This moment I’d
waited so long to witness was about to happen!  

onto the stage they went, the crowd going off, the valve amps pumping,
and the drums POUNDING!  Rick
was just killing it!  As you
can see in the photo’s by that happy face!
Rick was just LOVING EVERY SECOND of this experience and trying
so hard to absorb every bit of it and play at the same time.
He was having the time of his life and you couldn’t half tell.  

brilliant drumming and happiness spilled forth over his drum kit and
onto the three Rock Legends in front of him and drove them on with a
high energy.   

was used to only playing a 30min gig, as this is the length of time for
a support band to play before the main show.
He found himself faced with a 75min show non-stop WITH a drum
solo!  He confessed he
struggled a little but his vitality and enthusiasm gave him the
endurance surge he needed to get him through.
By the second show again however, he just slammed it out, making
it look effortless.

overheard in the crowd a lot of people asking who this drummer was,
cause he was hot!  This was
before they knew he was the bass player’s son.  

(Geoff’s wife and Rick’s mother) watched with such pride, admiration
and love for her son and her husband up there on the stage together
playing in The Radiators!  Whilst
pointing to the drummer, she told one man in the crowd “I grew him!
That’s my son!”  The
man was astounded for two reasons, one that it was her son up there on
the drums, but two, that she didn’t looked old enough to even have a
son that could be up on the drums at all!!!

that’s Terry, a Legendary Rock Chick through and through.

tell you more one day about her, as she has taught me many very
important things about being a Rock Chick.
I’ve listened, watched and observed her over these past few
years, and have learned so much from her.
What can I say?  Terry’s
just great!

found myself in a stuck position during the show.
I was over on Geoff’s side of the stage standing with Danni,
and we both really needed a drink.
It was a very hot steamy day.
Our drinks were over on the other side of the stage with all the
stage gear and crew etc.  I
was about to launch myself across to get them, when The Rad’s kicked
in to their infamous song “Gimme Head”, and I knew I was doomed!
The whole front of stage and surrounding area just packed
instantaneously with a roaring pumping thumping crowd all thrilled to be
hearing this song and demonstrating it as much.
Both Danni and I looked at each other in parched and thirsty
dismay, both knowing there would be NO getting through THAT crowd to the
other side until this song at least was over.
So we waited patiently

that you’ve waited 3 years for, goes so bloody quickly!

show went off!  The crowd
went off! The encore came and went off and so too The Radiators jumped
off and left the stage.  Over.
Just like that.  That
was ok, cause I knew I’d be seeing another Rick and The Radiators show
in just 2 days time!

father, John Parker, had recently given Fess his broadcast quality video
camera.  Perfect time to try
it out.  He set it up on a
tripod to film and record Rick’s show with them.
Was absolutely the best thing ever done in a long while.

it was an early show 6.45pm, it meant that we were all back home at
Geoff’s at such an early time!  A
time when we usually set off for a show.
So we decided to play back the footage just to see how it went,
and for Rick to see how he did.  It
was amazing really.  I mean,
NO ONE had any objections to watching the 75min show they’d just done
and we’d all seen.  In
fact we all sat in rapture re absorbing the special event.

watching the footage play back with everyone in the living room (was
just like being there all over again) I had this “Wow” moment.
Taking nothing for granted, I looked around me.
I was in a room of folk watching a band on video and it could
have been anyone’s home video of a band, but it WASN’T.
It was The Legendary Radiators we were watching!
Yeah, a real “Wow” moment in time for me.

was so pleased it was recorded, because I hadn’t realized how much of
the show I’d actually missed?! I move around the venue A LOT, jostling
in with the crowd to get good photo angles etc. I was so busy trying to
capture these moments in time with my camera, that I really did miss
quite a lot of the show by being so pre occupied.
After all, there was no second chance at capturing a first event
now was there!  

for ME, it was like watching the show for the first time, and I JUST

was wonderful for Rick too, to watch himself and see how he did, and
things he knew next time to correct and adjust.
He is such a quick learner, that after watching it, he just
turned and blew us away at the next show 2 days later!!

I said before that I missed a lot of the show, and asked Fess did Geoff
introduce Rick etc cause I must have missed that bit.
When watching the footage back I did see the introduction, and
what a proud moment it was.  Geoff’s
whole body opened up toward his son as he beamed “and on the drums, MY
crowd went wild!

the second show, Rick was getting cocky (in the sweetest way).
We were all ready to climb into the Tarago, when Rick cheekily
jumped straight in the back seat and called out to Danni (his Lady) to
“jump in”!  Danni stood
there horrified saying “we can’t sit THERE Rick! That’s your mum
& dad’s seat!”  Rick
played the devil’s advocate for just few minutes more, and of course
jumped out for Geoff and Terry to take their seats for the drive south
to Towradgi Beach Hotel in Woollongong.

the drive there, Rick asked for some music if possible.
I turned to ask if ok with everyone.
I wasn’t sure what to put on, so I grabbed the Thin Lizzy cd
and the not only was it a good choice cause apparently Geoff, Brian and
Fess love Thin Lizzy, but also that the first song out was “The Boys
are back in town”.  Perfect.

wonderful friend Al came along today to film today’s show roaming
around with his video camera, and he brought with him the Rad’s Record
Producer, Peter Blyton.
Peter hadn’t seen the Rad’s play live for over 3 years.
Peter and The Radiators go right back to 1986 together, and so
has known Rick Turner since he was a toddler.
He has given Rick advise on the drums along time ago, and was
astounded to see that Rick had actually applied his advice!
What Peter watched this night blew him away

drumming was to perfection with an incredible drum solo!!! And the
energy and performance of the whole band took him back to The Radiators
of 20 years ago.

I asked Peter what he thought about the show, he said it was, quote

expressed to me in a text how he felt about that show and these are his
exact text words:-

was the best version of “How does it feel”

“Hanging tree” rocked hard.

“Radiation” shook the glasses on the tables.

Fess was going off like the Aussie Hendrix that he is.

Brian was full of energy.

And my old man (Geoff) was sweating it like the thoroughbred that
he is!”

other son Mitch was Road Crewing the band tonight as well which made it
such a family unity thing, with mum (Terry) watching on ever so proudly.

Rad’s main man Road Crew Tech Brenden (Bouge), took the opportunity
whilst Rick was up there, to pick up the guitar and play Brian’s part
in one of their songs.  This
was a nostalgic demonstration, as once when Brian had broken his hand,
Brenden had to step in for every show to play Brian’s guitar parts,
until his hand healed.  So
it was with great joy and honor that Bouge took the stage once again
whilst Rick was at the drums.

this was happening we took the opportunity to get our photo’s taken
with this event happening behind us.
Took one of Mitch first, then Peter jumped up not wanting to miss
such a chance and asked for a photo too, and I always seem to forget to
get shots of myself and so I too handed over the camera for a photo with
The Radiators, Bouge and Rick behind me.
Another “Wow” moment.

being such a fast learner, had, in just 2 days, near perfected the
drumming.  He astounded us
with an amazing drum solo performance and some tricks that even his
girlfriend Danni had NEVER seen him do before!
Yeah, Rick just killed it once again, and this time with even
less effort.  This time for
me however, was a sad one by the encore.
The ending signs of the show.
Then it was over.  They
were gone.  

Rick will be back.  “The
Yee Haa Boys” are a great band, and are really doing well, so there
will be more shows opening up for Rick to do, whilst Mark is away.

has told many people that Rick is the obvious and only choice of
drummers to be the Drummer of The Radiators.

here was a story of a young man who had his Dreams Come True.

out for him coming to a show near you,

you can enjoy sharing his Dream Come True too.


Brenda Joy Star

1. Rick (6yrs) testing out the Radiators drum kit with young Mitch (3yrs) beside him checking kit is all in order. He road crews for them too these days.

(6yrs) testing out the Radiators drum kit


2. Rehearsal with Rick weekend before show. Geoff, Rick and Fess.

with Geoff, Rick and Fess


3. Rehearsal day with proud dad (Geoff) and Fess.

day with proud dad (Geoff) and Fess


4. Australia Day 2007 - The flag waves from the Turner's front door

Day 2007 – The flag waves from the Turner’s front door


5. Arrived at Bateau Bay Hotel. Rick on left and Geoff on the right.

at Bateau Bay Hotel.  Rick
(left) and Geoff (right)


6. Pulling out bags and Rick's personal drum kit pieces. Left to right is Danni, Geoff, Rick, Fess, Terry, Brian behind.

out bags and Rick’s personal drum kit pieces.

7. Rick first one on stage to adjust his drums

is first on stage to adjust his drums


8. They have to be set "just right" for his drumming style

have to be set “just right”


9. Rick looks out from behind his dark sunnies at the mass crowd awaiting

looks out at the crowd

10. Just a small section of the crowd he saw that waited to see them.

small section of the crowd

11. Last minute detail check mentored by dad (Geoff)

minute detail check with dad


12. On the stage they go with Rick leading the way

the stage with Rick in lead


13. Aah, yes, he looks right at home and thrilled to be there

at home and thrilled to be there


14. Rick rockin' the Radiators

Rockin’ the Radiators


15. His snappy powerful drums drives the performance forward

drums driving forward


16. Geoff and Brian with a happy Radlet behind them

and Brian


17. Brian and Fess - Rock Legends!

and Fess – Rock Legends!


18. Rick comin' down for the SLAM!



19. A creative shot of mine. .

creative shot of mine


20. Fess (Aussie Hendrix) going off on lead guitar!!

on lead guitar


21. The Radiators pumping with energy and sweat

Radiators pumping

22. What a face of Joy so proud to be there

face of Pride and Joy

23. The excited packed crowd I could not get through - would you?

excited packed crowd

24. Rick pounding out the finale piece of the Radiators 29th Australia Day together.

Radiators 29th Australia Day


25. The Radiators sign off to a responsive excited crowd

The Radiators Sign
off to an excited crowd


26. An exhausted yet jubilant Rick walks off the stage. First show down and another to go!

jubilant Rick –  First show down and another to go


27. Second show at Towradgi Beach

show at Towradgi Beach


28. Rick and The Rad's!

and The Rad’s!


29. He just seems to fit like a glove

fits like a glove


30. The Radlet drives the front line up effortlessly and with great admiration

Radlet drives the front line

31. Rick's incredibly powerful drum solo

powerful drum solo


32. Danni taking photo's with Mitch crouching below

taking photo’s with Mitch crouching


33. Bouge playing Brian's guitar part for one song

playing Brian’s guitar


34. Mitch with special event behind him


35. Peter not wanting to miss same opportunity


36. Me not wanting to miss it either!



37. Another creative shot of mine as Al video's the show.

creative shot







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