Feature model, Kelley Cox ringside for Taipan !

Sydney, 27th April, 2007 – The place to be is the Hurstville Civic Center in Sydney for the WMC Muay Thai promotion.

For Tony “The Taipan” Favuzzi, owner, founder and operator of Taipan Gym in Tempe, it’s a way of life and he’ll have 6 of his own fighters at the event!

For our beautiful Edition 14 feature model, Kelley Cox, it’s an opportunity to live her passion!

“My ambition is to have a very successful promotions company for the fight clubs, ” she says during our interview, “to supply them with Ring Girls, Promo Girls and Hostesses”!

Kelley will be doing just that at the event and wherever the TAIPAN Gym travels and exhibits.

Tony opened the first authentic Muay Thai Gym in NSW in 1996 known as TAIPAN MUAYTHAI GYM and is ranked second in the WMC rankings. 

He is the current WMC NSW State Heavy Weight Champion and the current WMC Oceania Super Heavy Weight Champion. 

The Taipan has defeated Head Trainer Steve Feilding of Bondi Muaythai Blades, Glen Sewel, Head Trainer of Extreme Muaythai and Darren Berry, Head Trainer of Hacksaw Muaythai amongst other big names that have challenged him. 

But it’s not all about himself, Tony is completely dedicated to the art of training, and puts a lot of effort and time in training his fighters and students. 

This has brought great success for the gym and personal satisfaction for Tony who has produced seven WMC Muaythai Champions, ten current active fighters and also runs Muaythai classes for men, women and children. 

“This isn’t only about fighting”, says Tony, “and you don’t have to fight if you don’t want to. We have many people who come in only for the fitness and self discipline that this sport provides”.

Of course he is also the trainer of our Kelley Cox !

“I have been involved in sport for my whole life growing up in a house full of sports, especially cycling! My grand father is a Gold Medallist in the Olympics in ’52 as well as several medals in the
Commonwealth Games in ’54”. She says

“My father was and still is a cycling coach and has always encouraged me to play sports”. 

By the age of 14, Kelley was already accomplished in playing Rugby League and Rugby Union in NSW, as well as AIS Basketball before an ankle injury meant that she couldn’t play anymore and she decided to take up cycling instead.

“After training with my father for several months, I competed in the state titles and won my first state medal!”

“I continued to cycle until I was about 18, when I discovered fighting, first starting out with boxing and training with Jeff
at his gym in Marrickville, then  I moved on to train in
the Kostya Tszyu gym at The PCYC”.

“But it wasn’t until I met my boyfriend, Nathan that I discovered Muay Thai. Since meeting him I have become more and more involved in the sport and it has helped me become more confident in myself”. 

“Training with Tony at TAIPAN has been excellent, having Tony as my trainer is wonderful because he is a wonderful trainer and a fantastic friend. Both he and his wife Sophie have helped me to feel so welcome at the gym and with Tony on my side, I
am sure I will become a better fighter and a better person with a better respect for my fellow man! I can only hope that my modeling career can go as far as my fighting career looks to go!”


Generally speaking, Muay Thai refers to the use of 9 body parts in combat. You can fight with your head (both mental and physical damage), fists, knees, elbows and feet. 

Thais have been using the sport for thousands of years as their national sport and even the army is trained in using these close fighting skills.

The appeal of Muay Thai was such that the ancient kings would disguise themselves as commoners in order to participate in village tournaments. 

Classes generally run for about an hour, where you’ll skip for 10 minutes and stretch for a further 15 before spending the rest of time focused on Muay Thai techniques. This involves pad and bag work learning to attack and defend. Once the moves are
learned, you will be allowed into the ring for controlled fighting.


Contact Tony “The Taipan” Favuzzi below:

70 – 76 Princes Hwy, Arncliffe  2205

Mobile: 0413 520 035



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Tony “The Taipan” Favuzzi delivers a knock out punch!


Tony “The Taipan”
Favuzzi Victorious


Beautiful Edition 14 Feature Model, Kelley


Stretching is important
preparation for Muay Thai


More Floor Work


Muay Thai keeps the mind
conditioned and the body flexible!


Taipan gym has two boxing rings, both very
sexy !


Preparation for the bag!


Kelley’s knock out punch is her natural and
curvaceous body!


Working up a sweat!


” I love this AutoBabes shirt”! 


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