Pic of the Day; Kate Theresa Features in Edition 76 – The Exotic Beach Girl Edition


Appearing in Edition 76 – The Exotic Beach Girl Edition

– Kate Theresa –
Kate theresa ! –
AutoBabes.com.au Edition 76

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Kate theresa


Country of Origin
South Africa

Career Highlight
Winning Miss Culture & Tattoo 2016, My own Health and Wellness Online Store

If I were a Car
Whatever car is Off-The-Hook but still respectable, that would be me. And probably Pink … 🙂

Your Fav Tattoo
I get ideas, I like them, I get them tattooed. No stories behind them except one that represents my Nan who passed away. 


Biggest Turn-On
Tall! Handsome! Beard! Tattoos! Someone who can make me laugh is a winner!

Laughter, Modelling & Tattoos


Greatest Ambition
I want to be a Superstar! I’m going to be a Superstar!

Appears in
Edition 76 Feature Girl

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