THE HENNESSEY EXORCIST RUNS 1/4 Mile in 9.57 Sec @ 147 MPH

The boys at Hennessey Performance are over joyed and have great reason to be!

The Exorcist – which is of course their Camaro response to the Demon by Dodge – has just pulled a time of 9.57 seconds on a 1/4 mile run where it hit 147 Mph!

Any street legal car that hits 10 seconds is extremely impressive, but to go SUB the 10 second mark is something close to unheard of!

In addition to the sub 10’s, the upgraded and finely tuned ZR1 also provided impressive speed ratings;

  • 0 – 100k (60mph) : 2.1 seconds
  • 0 – 160k (100mph) : 4.7 seconds

Enjoy the video below ;





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