Pic of the Day; Charlotte Busetti

Appearing in Edition 50 – The Sexy Swimsuit Edition

– Charlotte Busetti –
Cheeky Charli ! Autobabes.com.au Edition 50

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Charlotte Busetti


Country of Origin 
Australian with an Italian/English background

Career Highlights
Features in Australia’s top men’s lifestyle magazines and appeared in the 2013 West Coast Swimsuit Calender!

Favorite Car
I think a Jeep Wrangler is pretty cool; they’re just so fun to cruise around in on a hot summers day. I also love Holden utes, convertibles, Mercedes
😉. ________________

Biggest Turn-On
I love really down to earth aussie guys who have a naturally hot body, tanned, a few tattoos, scruffy hair, looks hot in just a flanno and jeans who is a bad-boy but a real softie underneath it all and can treat a woman like a princess. Think Steve Peacocke aka Brax from home and away
;). ________________

shopping, socializing, cocktails, travelling, beach

arrogant people

Greatest Ambition 
 To make it into an international magazine!

Appears in
Edition 50, FeatureGirl ________________



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