On this Day; Covergirl Viviana Soldano Fabrizio appeared on cover of Edition 62 – The World Glamour Edition

On this day in 2016, one of our fan favourite cover-girls, gorgeous Viviana Soldano Fabrizio appeared on the cover of Edition 62 – The World Glamour Edition.

This was a photoset photographed on location in USA and provided to us exclusively by Glamour Photographers George Kontaxis and Mario Barberio.

In the set, Viviana appears in a combination of  lingerie and swimsuit in a glamour style.

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Note that Viviana of course went on to appear on the cover of the Editions listed below;

Viviana remains one of the most beautiful and seductive models we’ve ever featured, and given her many appearances, she’s a definite part of our magazine family and our history!

Visit Viviana here;

Viviana Soldano | Vivianasoldano.com

and her charity here;

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