Making history again! Ayi JIhu first Chinese artist to present at the NAMA Awards (Native American Music Awards)

Chinese star Ayi Jihu to present award at Native American Music Awards
Chinese star Ayi Jihu to present award at Native American Music Awards

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu continues to etch her mark on history by being the first Chinese  artist to be invited to present an award at the NAMA Awards (Native American Music Awards) at Seneca Casino & Hotel in Niagara Falls on May 10th 2013.

The Native American Music Awards represents the Native American Community and their music which prides itself on it’s traditions and cultures and keeping them intact. Ayi Jihu will accompany Top Native American Haida Singer Terri Lynn who is herself up for several Awards this year.

Top Native American Haida singer Terri Lynn
Top Native American Haida singer Terri Lynn

Both Terri Lynn and Ayi Jihu are styled by Top Native Designer Angela DeMontigny.  Both Terri Lynn and Ayi Jihu will be wearing brand new Angela DeMontigny Designs and Angela will be accompanying Ayi Jihu and Terri Lynn on stage at the awards.

Top Native Fashion Designer and stylist Angela DeMontigny
Top Native Fashion Designer and stylist Angela DeMontigny

Angela DeMontigny’s Designs and fashions are worn by many top Native and non Native stars around the world.  Ayi Jihu will be in Canada collaborating with and promoting the Brand New Angela DeMontigny (Ayi Jihu) inspired Young Native Fashion Collection, which will be seen for the first time at special events in May and June and which has been causing quite a fuss around the world in Fashion circles, leading to Angela DeMontigny and Ayi Jihu been asked to showcase  Young Native in Myanmar (first fashion week) later this year.  Angela DeMontigny is also the Fashion Designer behind the brand new FearChaser® Costume to be used on the Ayi Jihu FearChaser® film starting production late 2013. The brand new FearChaser® costume will be revealed in full to the world for the first time during Ayi’s tour of Toronto during Chinese Heritage Month (of May). FearChaser® has strong Native Indian influences.

Chinese Star Ayi Jihu embraces the Native American Indian community

Ayi Jihu has been working with the Native American Indian community in various ways for some time building up firm relationships within the Native Indian community.  This is all part of the Ayi Jihu and Shlepp Entertainment Ltd Strategy of going right to the roots of things in culture, music and art.  Ayi Jihu does not just talk about ‘keeping it real’, She is trying hard to live it.

Ayi Jihu with Indian Leader Three Feathers

Ayi Jihu with prominent Native Indian American leader Three Feathers in Palm Springs.

Ayi Jihu is also hoping to take her FearChaser anti-bullying message back into schools on this trip continuing where she left of the last time she was in Canada.  Angela DeMontigny will be joining Ayi Jihu on this short school tour in an effort to help inspire and teach the kids positive ways to express themselves through Fashion and music as well as how to cope and deal with Cyber bullying and intimidation, something she and her own kids have experienced being Native American.

We spoke breifly to Ayi on the phone and she told us she is ‘humbled and honored to be invited to the NAMA awards and want’s to do her best to represent her own Native Yi people of China well’.  She also told us she is ‘very excited at the prospect of perhaps working with Terri Lynn’.  She said the two had ‘discussed some sort of musical collaboration’.  Ayi also stated she is ‘excited about her Toronto tour in Asian Heritage week and is looking forward to doing lots of positive things in the great city of Toronto as well as working with the kids again’.

Global News shall be covering the Ayi Jihu tour of Toronto with Anglea DeMontigny, including their appearance at the Native American Music Awards, with Terri Lynn and all the other amazing projects, Tv and press and music they will be undertaking.  We shall bring you the news here first.

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