Jay Leno’s interview of Joe Rogan and his 1965 Corvette Restomod!

Yes this is an old episode, but damn it’s a good one.

And not only because it’s Joe Rogan’s car so hence has some cool celebrity to it, but because that 1965 Corvette Stingray is indeed super cool!

In this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, we see comedian, TV host, UFC commentator and Podcaster, Joe Rogan as guest who brought along his 1965 Corvette restomod for Leno to review and drive.

Together with builder Steve Strope of Pure Vision, we learn that Joe’s ’65 is one unique vehicle – as well as being drop dead gorgeous!

“I’ve always been a guy that loves the old looks but wants the new underpinnings,” Rogan said in the episode, and also repeated the view many times since on his own podcast.

The car has kept the original LS1 engine, but Rogan has added a Supercharger for more power and bottom end torque.

Rogan also replaced the wheels it came with for a set of Centerline flat-center wheels and upgraded disc brakes.

That, together with immaculate under body, and pristine interior make this a great car to look at! But wait till you see Leno behind the wheel! Although Joe’s enjoying the ride, we’re sure he’s wondering if he’ll get the car back as Leno seems to love driving it!

See the full episode below;


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