Inside Keanu Reeves’ Custom Motorcycle Shop

He’s well known for virtual reality, or perhaps an alternate reality, with films like “The Matrix” and “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure“, but these days Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves is very much keeping it real!

Away from the glitz and glam of Hollywood, however still in the Hollywood Hills, Keanu has teamed up with local, master bike builder Gard Hollinger to create a custom bike shop called ARCH Motorcycles !

Combining old school hand-crafting techniques and the latest in design and manufacture technology, the bikes are all hand made and custom to each order.

One of the new tech design tools, used by ARCH is a virtual reality kit that shows the bike in full production stage design, before anything is made. This allows the designers, and presumable the buyer, to view their creation and make changes if necessary before anything is done.

Keanu says that the inspiration is now to develop something completely new and forward thinking that includes .. a GIANT Engine!

“It’s time for something new !”, he says excitedly as he describes the design!

“With a big GIANT Engine”, says Gard, “. because 124 cubic inches wasn’t enough!”, he adds!

And hence was born the `ARCH METHOD 143″!

Enjoy the video below provided by GQ which shows the interview with Keanu and Gard for WIRED.

Be sure to follow the work of Keanu and Gard at their ARCH Motorcycle Twitter feed !

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