HSV GTSR Maloo W1 On Path To Million Dollar Sale

Corvette-powered 474kW Aussie ute set to break records at auction as online bids climb past $1Mil

It certainly wasn’t expected! And all eyes are on the HSV GTSR Maloo W1’s at Lloyd’s auction as the online bids push the price over the lucrative $1 million mark. In fact, at the time of writing, the bidding had reached $1,055,000 with 3 days of the online auction left to go.

What’s all the fuss about ?


This car is one of only four examples of the ute that marked the end of HSV’s (Holden Special Vehicles’) power brand of Aussie high-performance vehicle manufacturing. It is the 2017 HSV GTSR Maloo W1, which is arguably the most powerful, technologically advanced and expensive Aussie ute ever built.

The Corvette-powered Holden Commodore based two-door beast displaces 474kW (635hp) from its supercharged LS9 V8 engine. With half the weight of a full sedan, that translates into a fierce machine!

And that fierce machine is wanted by quite a few as it is generating a huge amount of interest among car collectors.

The HSV GTSR Maloo W1 is finished in ‘Light My Fire’ orange exterior paint, carries W1UTE (Vic) plates and has just 681 kilometers on the clock.

It’s touted by Lloyds as being “too good to be true!” and “arguably Australia’s most collectable muscle car”, and at the time of writing the bidding in the online auction was over a million with just a few days to go.

At the moment, the price of $1 million + is considered a record for an HSV and would make this car the highest priced Aussie built car ever.

To see the final price and to stay in touch with future auctions, visit Lloyds.

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