FPV GT F outpowers HSV GTS

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The Aussie horsepower king has been identified. And we’re as surprised as anyone…

Prepare for an Internet meltdown. The dyno figures are in and it’s official, Ford Performance Vehicles’ GT F out-powers the Holden Special Vehicles GTS.

The forums have been raging since Ford unveiled the last ever FPV, the GT F. Although it claims 351kW, the FPV engineers said then and there that the supercharged V8 Falcon was good for more. And clearly they weren’t telling fibs…

Holden Special Vehicles GTS was launched in 2013 and on the spec sheet significantly out powers the Falcon with 430kW vs 351kW.

But now we’ve settled the argument. Or at the very least ignited a new one.

Same day, same dyno, same conditions… And the figures are in.

Ford Performance Vehicles GT F
348.6kW at the rear wheels
721Nm at the rear wheels

Holden Special Vehicles GTS
339.6kW at the rear wheels
751Nm at the rear wheels

And yes, we are as dumbstruck as anyone.

Let the comments begin… And stay tuned for more on our Ultimate Aussie Muscle Car shootout.

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  1. It’s good to see muscle cars from down under are world class and that Ford still makes accurate claims of their horsepower

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