Donut Media – The Fastest Car Every Year (for the last 100 years)

(1) Donut Media | Facebook are a car enthusiast Facebook page that describe themselves as “The New Car Culture!”

With 1,916,285 people who LIKE the page, and 3,162,892 who FOLLOW, it’s clear that they have found a niche market in the auto enthusiast category.

One of the reasons for their appeal is for the quirky videos they release and the added humor in their presentations. Another reason is that beyond all the humor, they do a lot of research and actually are quite factual

Here’s an example where they run through the fastest cars of the year, from the inception of the car in 1885. through to June 2020 which is when the video was made. It’s good to see favorites mentioned in the video such as Koenigsegg and Shelby.





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