Dodge Demon – Commuting in an 840Hp Muscle Car

James Pumphrey from Donut Media spends 10 days with the Dodge Demon !

This is the car that they refer to as `most powerful factory muscle car’ ever built!

We’re not entirely sure of that claim though … when you have production cars like the Koenigsegg Regera and Bugatti Chiron which are both capable of 1,479bhp, and Ferrari’s LaFerrari Aperta at around 950bhp and even Shelby’s 1000, it’s hard to make a credible claim like that!

So let’s ignore that for the moment ..

The Dodge Demon is an 840bhp upgraded Challenger SRT with 315 tyres all around and enhanced performance drivetrain which can run a standing quarter mile in 9 seconds!

That’s very impressive!

But how does it drive, and how practical is it for the city dwellers amongst us?

And what’s with the crate that Dodge supply with every vehicle ?

Let’s see what James found out ..

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