Bimota to showcase innovative technologies at the EICMA 2015

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Bimota, the Rimini-based motorcycle atelier, will introduce in Milan at the International Motorcycle Exhibition Eicma 2015, significant new models and technologies – these products are going to reaffirm the presence of Bimota in the world motorcycle market.

Tesi 3D RaceCafe

It is the latest technical and stylistic interpretation of the Tesi project, the innovative hub-steered motorcycle that has been designed and developed within Bimota since 1983.

The Tesi 3D RC will be offered in addition to the Tesi 3D Naked to evolve and expand the very popular “Cafè Racers” segment of the motorcycle market.

The innovative Bimota chassis utilizes two swingarms, one in the front and one in the rear, in composite structure. The new swingarms combine light alloy for the hubs and structural carbon tubes for the trellis’.

The Tesi 3D RC has a revolutionary way to adjust the motorcycle ride height, with millimeter precision using two eccentrics where the front and rear suspensions are joined to the chassis. The front end can be adjusted through a range of 9.5mm and the rear end has a range of 14mm.

Through this new system, the Tesi 3D RC can be raised or lowered by 23mm if both adjustments are made in the same direction. These chassis innovations and state of the art materials, combined with the new Ducati 803cc engine, allow Bimota to create a new market segment with Tesi 3D RC. A class where technical and electronic innovations are designed to make the Bimota motorcycles always easier to ride and manage.


Bimota Impeto

The new version of the Bimota Hyper-Naked is improved both technically and aesthetically.

The latest Diavel engine with twin spark guarantees that this new version of the Bimota chassis has the highest performance level available.

And now gets improved with all of the latest electronic controls:
Ride by wire (motorized throttle body)
Traction control
The “Bimota Impeto” can be enhanced, beyond its already significant standard configuration, with components from the “Bimota Experience” accessory list:
Composite frame, light alloy plates combined with structural carbon tubes
Composite swingarm, light alloy plates combined with structural carbon tubes
Advanced Dashboard with a 3.5” TFT color display housed in a light alloy billet case – with integrated data recording, GPS and automatic racetrack identification.
And most importantly – for racing or track use only – the new Bimota SuperCharger kit!



Bimota SuperCharger

Bimota has already developed and tested, and is now ready to announce, a volumetric compressor twin booster, the SuperCharger kit available on the Bimota price list.

This kit, made for Bimota motorcycles using the Ducati liquid-cooled engines, will increase power and especially torque in the range of 15%-20%, and smooth out both power and torque delivery.

This innovative kit is based on a geared drive train within the clutch cover to achieve the high rpm necessary to drive the blower. This drive system combined with the compressor located in the “L” of the engine results in a beautiful, well-integrated solution that is also ideal for the overall weight balance of the motorcycle – a design consideration that is a Bimota trademark.

The kit is complemented by an electronic engine management system that can be accessed through the special software built into the Data-Logger.
When the Bimota SuperCharger is installed on the new Bimota Impeto, the bike becomes a true “tire-burner!!”


BB3 Kit

The new BB3 Kit is targeted to customers who are re-discovering the early beginnings of Bimota – “build your own Bimota from a kit” was a distinctive feature of our company for many years after its beginning in 1973. Getting the roots from the legendary HB1.

Now like then, the Bimota BB3 Kit contains a complete rolling chassis with all the necessary parts to build a fully functional motorcycle except for the engine and electric/electronic systems that come from BMW. The BB3 comes either as a “racing/track bike” or a “street bike” – both versions featuring the latest evolution of Bimota’s racing technology.

The press conference will take place on Tuesday, November the 17th 2015 at 9:00am at the Bimota stand inside the Fiera di Milano Rho, Hall. 9, Stand 170.
The Bimota staff will be proud to welcome all the national and international press representative.


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