Aston Martin One-77 !

–   As seen in Edition 32 – The East Coast Edition


One-77; The Essence of Aston Martin!


The One-77 is the embodiment of everything that Aston Martin stands for, all the beauty and all the emotions that could be brought to a car ! 


Considered by many as the most beautiful cars in the world, Aston Martin is certainly no stranger to design! And with the connection to the Le Mans 24hr races with the high performance DB9 and DBR’s, it’s certainly no stranger to performance ! So adding the two together to create a very low volume limited edition classic with exceptional high performance, would be very easy to do. And they wouldn’t need Bond to sell it !<

Aston Martin know how to put together a beautiful and high performance classic collectible! They’ve been doing it for years and have various low volume cars including the DB40 and the Zaggato. Each of these cars are the pedigree and heritage of the 177, so what Aston Martin are doing is bringing in a modern version of a very low volume, very high tech and very exclusive product!

The technique used for the 177 compared to other cars, varied in many ways though.

“Quite often, the team would spend the night developing scale models at the beginning of 177,” says Mark Raichman, Director of Design, “With music on and no one around … the lights turned off in more than half the building … just designing away as a team and feeding off each other until we came to the car … to the RIGHT 1-77 !”

Aston Martin CEO and visionary for the 1-77 production had a very specific concept for the car.

“It’s an expression of all the beauty we could bring to a car,” he says, “It’s an expression of all the emotions we could bring to a car … and because if this, it’s an expression of what Aston Martin stands for!”

The idea of low volume cars is that you can focus on more detail and quality than with high volume production runs. Specifically, if you make only 77 cars, you can do a lot of things that you can’t do with 3,000 or 5,000.

So when producing 77 of the worlds more desirable products, there would be the opportunity for that true craftsmanship, that combination with the high tech brake system and engine and chassis so you have that juxtaposition of art and engineering really combining to create this incredible product.

Bez observed that despite all the 7’s (1-77, 7 litre with 700 horse power), Aston Martin is not about figures. His instruction to the design team was clear;

“Ulrich said to me `Just make the most irresistible Aston Martin! Something which is just pure emotion!’ … so the 1-77 became the only Super Car that is closer to art than an automobile!” Said Raichman.

To Ulrich Bez, when a customer buys a 1-77, what they are getting is what he and his team understand is perfection.

In much the same way as Davinci spoke about proportions in beauty, the mathematical proportions can be applied to a car as well. It’s all about how that proportion sits within the frame. So with the 1-77, that beautiful proportion is the balance between it’s height, the wheel base, it’s length and it’s width.

The body of the car is hand made. All hand wheeled in aluminium, and the high tech nature of the chassis, which is a carbon fibre chassis is a mixture of art and engineering. That begins the essence of the 1-77.

“If we could bottle the essence of Aston Martin; Power, Beauty & Soul; the true essence of Aston Martin; as a 3 dimensional expression, that really is what 1-77 is all about!” says Bez, “The utmost Beauty, Technology, Know-How & Aston Martin Passion we can express today!”

Bez goes on to describe the 1-77 as an inanimate object that comes to life! And the noise is purposely NOT suppressed, so the driver forms an attachment to everything going on in the car. The driver is part of the system. The car is a thoroughbred and you have to get used to how it reacts to you. The promise is that once you put your efforts into the car, it will reward the driver.

So it’s expected that when you press the `loud’ peddle, it’s going to get loud, and Aston Martin certainly don’t make any excuses for that!

The big thing is it’s effortless ability to get to speed, so imagine being in any gear and being able to accelerate faster than anything else you feel on the road. That’s beyond feeling fast and almost to the point of asking yourself whether you should be doing this !

“It is a piece of art that you love to own but it has incredible performance so it will put a smile on your face when it is doing something!”

“This is an honest project,” says Bez, “It is authentic, and it does not promise what it cannot deliver!”<


Aston Martin has Soul, it’s Mystifying, there’s a Mystique behind it !



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General specifications
Country of origin Uk
Produced in 2010
Configuration V12
Location Front mid-mounted
Construction Light alloy block and head
Displacement 7.3 litre 
Fuel feed Fuel Injection
Aspiration Naturally Aspirated
Chassis/body Carbon fibre monocoque body structure
Hand crafted aluminium exterior body panels
Suspension (fr/r) Front and rear, pushrod actuated, adaptive ride height suspension
Steering rack-and-pinion, power assisted
Brakes Carbon Ceramic Matrix braking system
Dynamic Stability Control and traction control system
Gearbox 6 speed Automated Manual Transmission with Auto Shift Manual/
Select Shift Manual (ASM/SSM) electro-hydraulic control system
Power >700 bhp (710 PS, 522 kw)
Torque >750 Nm (553 lb ft)
Top Speed 431 km/h / 268 mph

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