The Top 5 SuperCars of 2011

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We celebrate the Top 5 SuperCars of 2011 and the   2011 SuperCar of the Year !

The 2011 SuperCar of the Year 

There were many cars in 2011 that could have taken this title and most of them well deserved !

For the 2011 series, we award the 2011 Car of the Year title to the Vantage GT4 by Aston Martin.

This is an incredible example of automotive engineering and the GT4 is the most successful race bred car in it’s class. It has wins in the European GT4 Cup, Dubai 24 Hrs GT4 Class, the Nürburgring 24 Hrs and the Spa 24 Hrs.

But more importantly, the title is awarded for the GT4’s ability to make a transition from genuine GT4 race car to Street Grand Tourer ! With a 4.7ltr naturally aspirated engine, the GT4 is available as a fully street legal GT.

The Lamborghini LP700-4 with a 0-100k time of 2.8 seconds is indeed a very worthy candidate also. The LP700-4 re-defined the super sportscar market with it’s incredible design, brutal power and most importantly, the precision of handling.

In 3rd place, the Jaguar XKRS is also worthy of the title. In fact, this car was TopGear’s choice for Car of the Year last December.

The XKRS boasts a 550hp 5ltr engine capable of a 0-160kph time of 8.6 seconds which makes the XKRS the most powerful cat in Jaguar’s history.

In 4th place, we rate the Audi V8 GT Spyder. This unique convertible boasts a `reverse-flow’ 4.4ltr v8 engine that produces 400hp between 5,500 and 6,400rpm, together with 450lb-ft ! Very impressive for the class and for a convertible of it’s size. The Spyder is much lighter than it’s Coupe sibling but still has a top speed of 317km/h !

Finally, coming in at 5th place is the Mercedes Benz C63 Black Series. This incredible sports car would have rated much higher but technically, although released in 2011, the C63 is a 2012 model. It does however qualify for this 2011 list as the Black Series was made available to buyers in the 2011 year.

Like the Aston Martin GT4, the Mercedes C63 made a successfully transition from motorsport to street GT super sport !

In fact, Mercedes make the claim that the high-performance C63 vehicle is the most powerful C-Class of all time, boasting a maximum output of 380 kW (517 hp) and a maximum torque of 620 Newton meters. The car also accelerates from 0 – 100kp/h in just under 4.2seconds which again is impressive for a large Street GT car.

This is an impressive Top 5 with the 2012 series already looking competitive and very difficult to pick !


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Vantage GT4 by Aston Martin

Aventador LP700-4 by Lamborghini 

XKR-S by Jaguar

R8 V8 GT Spyder by Audi




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