Angela White for Playboy Plus

This is Angela White’s third collaboration with PlayboyPlus. This first set, Professional Confessions, can be seen here, and her second set, Getting Cosy can be seen here.

We bring you an excerpt of Angela’s third and final set in this photoset by Jay Allen. Our members can see all shoots by logging in, however to see more of this set, as well as others as they become available, follow the links to the PlayboyPlus sites;

Returning for her third solo pictorial is the unforgettable, Angela White. On location in Los Angeles with the photographer, Jay Allen capturing her, Angela is ready for a lazy afternoon. “I’m quite shy despite how I appear on-screen,” she reveals on set. “I’m an extremely passionate person. I feel everything deeply [and] I always throw myself wholeheartedly into anything I’m doing.” On the set of a little in-home library, Angela takes a break from reading for our cameras. “I’m a sapiosexual,” she says. “I’m attracted to intellect above [all] else.” When it comes to being nude in front of the camera, Angela tells us how much she loves her job. “I’m proud of what I do and who I am. I have the privilege of expressing and exploring my sexuality in ways that would not have been possible outside of the adult industry,” she shares. “I’ve experienced things on camera that, for most people, would remain purely in the realm of fantasy, and I get to do it all in a safe and supportive environment with sex-positive peers.”

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