A Dire WARNING for Australia in the Upcoming Election

We normally try to avoid political discussion but it is the duty of all citizens to call out threats to their national sovereignty. And right now, there are alarm bells and red flags everywhere!

As Australia heads to the polls this weekend, there are agenda items that have not been part of the election campaign. Whilst the usual talk and double talk regarding economic policies and fiscal policies and climate change have been thrashed and debated, the real issues concerning Australians have been left unsaid.

In this video, ScoMo is saying that in the event of a Pandemic, he will hand over all Sovereign rights to an internal, privately held and un-elected corporation, to manage our country’s response!

What does this actually mean ?

It means that if a new pandemic is called, and let’s face it, it very likely will, then Australia’s Sovereign Laws will cease to exist and will be taken over by the WHO/WEF. That means that for as long as the State of Emergency exists, which is likely to be forever, then the Australian citizens will be subject to Lockdowns, Power rations, all assets and bank accounts frozen and .. get used to eating bugs because apparently the farms are bad for the environment according to farming expert Gates!

This is the timeline that they’re working towards;


So when voting at the polls, remember who took away your rights and who wants to hand you over to a foreign party.

And here’s the PM admitting to this himself;


When voting, consider favoring the Freedom Friendly Parties that include OneNation, United Australia Party, Liberal Democrats, Great Australia Party and the independent Senator Morgan Jonas to name a few.


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