Craig Kelly from United Australia Party Strongly Opposing the WHO Treaty

It’s the least spoken about policy by any of the majors, and in fact it was only brought to light, literally in the last few days of the campaign! It’s the WHO Treaty also known as the Pandemic Instrument.

Something that in the beginning started sounding like an innocent collaboration between all nations for the benefit of the people, turned out to be a Totalitarian Socialist instrument whereby the World Health Organisation would be given Sovereign rights and vito powers of all of it’s member states in the event of a Pandemic. Even in the event of a REAL pandemic, this all mighty control is extremely dangerous and akin to Marxist Communist values. However, worse so in this case, the Pandemic Treaty can be called by the WHO even on simple suspicion of an impending outbreak without evidence and without scientific validation. Put simply, the WHO do not even need a scientific artefact to prove that it’s decision is the right one. Even more simply and more dangerously, the leader of the WHO can, on his OWN, call a Pandemic and initiate this Totalitarian control over 194 countries which represent the majority of the Western World. This is worse than any James Bond film you have ever seen and Klaus Swaab, founder of the World Economic Forum which sponsors and controls the WHO, is the worst villain you’ve ever seen in any movie ever made.

But the sad truth, is that this isn’t a movie, but real life. And it’s in our generation. Our watch. So it’s up to all of us to reject this push by our leaders and to VOTE OUT this un-democratic and un-constitutional hand over of our Sovereignty to a foreign body.

In Australia, the major parties of Labor and Liberal are at the forefront of this and mindlessly leading the country over the abyss!

The Independent parties of OneNation, AustraliaOne, Liberal Democrats and IMOP are among those opposing. But only Craig Kelly has come out STRONG in OPPOSITION of this move stating quite clearly;

We CANNOT surrender the sovereignty of our nation, and control of our Medical Decisions to the World Health Organisation!

Watch Craig’s conviction in the video below;

Australia goes to election this weekend, and it’s never been more important in our lifetime that we get his election right.




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