50 Lane Highway in China turns to Traffic Chaos!

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when was the last time you traveled back from Holiday on one of Sydney’s highways and thought the traffic was a pain ? If you thought that was bad – and it was – then spare a thought for commuters in China this week who came face to face with a tidal wave of parked cars across 50 lanes !

That’s the 50 lane Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway which still wasn’t enough to cater for residents travelling back towards the Chinese capital after a public holiday.

The root cause was believed to have been a newly installed checkpoint which forces the 50 lanes to merge down to 20 – creating a bottleneck.

The People’s Daily reported that thousands of commuters were trapped for hours, whilst camera drones flying above captured the extent of the traffic jam which stretched back as far as 4 km.

Remember that next time you’re stuck on the Eastern Distributor .. 😉


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